Ø  Your date will last for 6 minutes. First impressions are crucial. Make sure you are well groomed; upbeat, and that you are having a dialogue - not giving a monologue.

Ø  Turn your cell phones off. Taking calls in the middle of a date is just plain rude.

Ø  Have good eye contact and smile. Make your date feel as though he/she is the only one in the room.

Ø  Walk in with no expectations of finding "the one". Relax and have fun with all the participants. It's a party, have no expectations and you will probably have better luck.

Ø  There is no "on the spot" rejection since you don't receive your results that evening. So, feel free to reject or accept whomever you want on the scorecard.

Ø  Mingle at the breaks. DATING AND FINDING YOUR MATCH IN LIFE IS A NUMBERS GAME!!! The strategy of the 6-minute formal date is just a point of introduction. Make the most of it!

Ø  If you come to the event with a friend or friends, sit apart from them. People catch on that you are friends and will say "no" because they don't want to be compared/judged.

Ø  Consider saying YES to at least one person at the event that you would normally reject.. Try to OPEN THE DOOR to someone younger, older, different, etc.

Ø  Your date tried their best to make an impression on you, don't forget to let him/her know how much you enjoyed meeting them.

Ø  Don't spend too much time taking notes! Move quickly to your next date to make the most of your time. Notes should just be a quick way to jog your memory when you receive your matches (hair color, what they are wearing, their name, etc.).